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2010-11-17 04:46 pm
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[OOC] Notes For Kingdom Dressing (KHDR)

Things To Know~!

-- [ profile] clockworkboytoy after 15 years in the DR.
-- Looks to be in his early 20s, because of its incomplete Replica body.
-- Generally goes by the name 'Riku', for simplicity's sake, though it really hasn't picked out a "real" name for itself.
-- Due to lacking a Real Heart, it has learned how to forge Weapons made of other people's Darkness, much the way Maleficent helped the Real Riku make Soul Eater.
-- Is somewhat timid, shy, and respectful of women. Except Larxenes.
-- Tends to have terrible taste in boyfriends.
-- There is a somewhat tasteless running joke in the future that if you fuck him, you'll get sent back home. It is not aware of this joke.
----> Everyone who has fucked him has been sent back home. Permanently.
-- As a result of losing so many boyfriends/lovers, it tends to be wary now of starting new relationships.
----> It thinks them leaving is somehow its own fault. Which is sort of true, thanks to the wacky DR.
-- Calls Kai "brother".
-- Still shamelessly feeds Apricot whatever the fatbun wants.